Lightning V2 Dsicharge/Equalizing System

Q1: What is the difference of Lightning V2.0 V2.1 V2.2 & V2.3? Which is the latest version?

Ans: Functionalwise all versions are the same. The latest version is V2.30 in which the cooling fan will always on instead of switch on only during discharge in previous versions.

Q2: What is the power supply voltage range?

Ans: Lightning V2 is designed for 12V (+-10%) power supply only. Most of the units can run from 10.8V to 13.8V but some user found problems when using 13.8V power supply, see the following for more information.

Q3: The LCD screen turns dark or dim during discharge, what's the problem?

Ans: Your power supply output voltage is too high (>13.8V), please try using a 12V power supply or send it back to your distributor for an upgrade.

Q4: The discharger suddenly stop and can't power on again, what should I do?

Ans: One of the diode may be damaged. Try reverse the power input, Lightning V2 has non-polarity design which can power up with reverse input voltage. If it still can't power up, send it back to your supplier for repair.

Q5: How to discharge 5 cells battery pack?

Ans: For 5 cells battery pack, place the battery from Cell 1 to Cell 5 as the following picture. Please note the battery bar position.

RB30/RB50 Racing brushless controller

Q1: I can't setup with my radio, what should I do?


1/ Please go to your radio setup, set "Throttle direction" to "rev" or set "Throttle rev" to "ON".

2/ Please make sure the radio is functional. Plug the servo to CH1 (ST) , RB30/50 to CH2 (TH) on the recevier. Switch on the radio and then the RB30/50. Refer to your radio manual if servo doesn't response.

3/ You must release the setup button during green LED flashing to enter radio setup mode. Otherwise you may enter profile setup mode instead. The following video will guide you through radio and profile setup:

Radio setup:

Profile setup:

Q2: What is the connector on the ON/OFF switch?

Ans: This is used for firmware update purpose. ESC firmware can be updated using this port with RB handheld programming unit.