RB-S Professional speed controller (Stock Spec)


After the introduction of RB30/RB50 high performance brushless speed controllers, TEAM WAVE has targeted development on a stock class optimized brushless speed controller. In 2010, TEAM WAVE is proud to present the stock spec brushless speed controller RB-S.

Stock spec racing is the most popular and competitive class all over the world. Even non experienced drivers can enjoy RC racing in stock class. With brushless motor technology, drivers can now concentrate in improving their driving skills instead of tuning and maintaining their motors

In the past, high performance brushed motor is the key to win in stock spec racing. Factory team drivers with the best resources and access to selected motors usually dominate in this class. Nowadays, performances of brushless motors are very close between different brands and instead, the speed controller plays a more important role. In stock class racing, a well designed stock spec brushless controller can out-perform more expensive general purpose / modified class oriented speed controller. This is the mission of RB-S, a purpose-built stock spec brushless speed controller.

Twin Turbo Technology

Based on the highly successful turbo technology used in RB30/RB50, TEAM WAVE now introduces TWIN TURBO technology in RB-S. Twin turbo technology offers double the power that single turbo offers. It drains large amount of electric current to the motor and push the motor to its limit instantly. Drivers can feel turbo kick in just like the engagement of the second gear in nitro RC car. With such feature, drivers no longer need to lower the gear ratio in order to gain top-end speed but sacrificed low-end torque and punch.
Turbo technology is also very useful in off-road application, especially in stock spec racing while the car does not have enough power in some long jump or double jump. Turbo can deliver power to the wheel instantly for the jump and maintain smooth control in the rest of the track.

Extended Time Shift technolohy

Compared to other sensored brushless system, TEAM WAVE raised the bar to the next level by introducing the "Time Shift" technology - motor timing is no longer fixed in sensored brushless system. Together with Turbo/Twin turbo technology which gives an instant power boost to the motor at full throttle, smoothness and high top-end speed can now be achieved at the same time!

Based on the "Time Shift" technology used in RB30/RB50, RB-S features extended "Time Shift" technology in which 2 more steps are available (5+2=7). The diagram above shows how Turbo and "Time Shift" work together. Twin turbo can give much higher speed and acceleration when engaged. Higher "Time Shift" offers smoother transition during turbo engagement and it is especially useful in stock class racing.With Turbo, Twin Turbo, extended "Time Shift" and mechanical motor timing, racers can find the best to suit for any driving style, track layout, track size and condition.*

Smooth throttle response

Smooth throttle and brake responses are the keys to fast and consistent lap times. RB series brushless controller features 10-bit resolution in both forward and brake mode, i.e. 1024 steps for forward and 1024 steps for brake! Together with 9 throttle and 9 brake curves, there is always a profile that suits your driving style.

RB-S features bit-to-bit mapping technology such that every bit on the radio signal is directly mapped to the throttle signal. Since the radio signal always has much lower frequency than the throttle signal, manufacturers usually use different resolution for these two signals, resulting in data loss or under-resolution. With bit-to-bit mapping and fast signal processing algorithm, the motor can respond to the throttle trigger more naturally, accurately and responsively.

Big power in small size

The size of the controller is not compromised for high performance in the RB series. By utilizing high density multilayer multistack PCB, RB series brushless controllers provide enormous power to today's high-drain motor and at the same time features an ULDO (Ultra Low Drop Out) BEC (Battery Eliminated Circuit) which can deliver 3A continuous current without significant voltage drop (BEC output 6V at normal and over 5.6V at 3A load). Your expensive steering servo can now work at full force and won't loss power/speed at high traction tracks or quick chicane.
A specially designed ventilation hole is drilled through the heatsink such that cool air can be blown directly into the controller to cool down the lower stack MOSFET and the hot air can then escape from the back of the controller.

High quality and high fidelity

Every component used in the RB series is carefully chosen and specially designed with high quality and fidelity at a reasonable price. All components are imported from the original manufacturer and all controllers are designed/made in Hong Kong which ensures highest quality. Our passion is embedded in every design detail and no other OEM products can compare.

Expandable design

RB-S is capable of updating firmware through the optional handheld programmer. The handheld programmer not only provides easy setup of the controller but also features a USB link. With updateable firmware, you can enjoy all new features later without paying extra!

(part no. 2005 - RB Handheld programmer)


What you get?

RB-S comes with a low resistance power capacitor and a full colour instruction manual. RB-S also comes with pre-soldered high quality 14AWG wires (five colours) for easy installation.

Specification RB-S
Brushless motor limit 8.5T
Brushed motor not supported
Rated current 200A/Phase, brushless
Input 4-8cells NiMH, 2 cells Lipo, 1 cell Lipo with external receiver battery
Size 34mm x 31mm x 25.5mm
Weight 35gram without wires
Brushless drive mode Forward/Brake/Reverse
Power capacitor Included, pre-installed
Cooling fan Included, pre-installed
Wires supplied 14AWG, pre-installed

*Tuning tips
*Zero (middle B) is recommended for the mechanical motor timing if turbo/twin turbo is applied.

*Mechanical motor timing should be inversely proportional to "Time Shift" setting (when TURBO OFF) such as low mechanical motor timing for higher "Time Shift" and higher mechanical motor timing for lower "Time Shift".

*Adjusting mechanical motor timing needs advanced skill and experience. It is not suitable for inexperienced users. Improper tuning of gear ratio, mechanical motor timing and ESC settings will result in damages of both ESC and motor.

*Motor temperature should be monitored at all time.