Important Parts and Equipment of an RC Plane

With the right tools, equipment, and knowledge, you can build an RC aeroplane of your own. Many professionals and tech enthusiasts find this kind of activity as more than just an activity.

The concept of building or inventing the RC aeroplane is being integrated into education as well as in the professional stage.

So, if you are planning to build your own RC aeroplane here are the parts and equipment you need.

Major Parts

Important Parts and Equipment of an RC Plane Major Parts - Important Parts and Equipment of an RC Plane

Major parts include a battery, cowl, engine/motor, propeller, recharger, and landing gear. These are all important if you want your aeroplane to fully function. Make sure that the battery is brand new and that the canopy goes fully over the cockpit where the pilot or fake pilot will be sitting.

There is also the spinner, which is the nose of the propeller and of course, the wings.


The fuselage is the main body of the aeroplane or aircraft. Inside the fuselage are important parts including the receiver/controller, control rods, and servos.  The receiver/controller will receive the radio signal from the transmitter and then sends it to signal the servos of the aircraft.

When you are maintaining your aeroplane, make sure to always check these parts for any damage.


It is also important to be informed and familiar with the control parts of an RC aeroplane. You have the ailerons that tilt the plane’s wings up and down. The elevator controls the pitch of the aeroplane, also up and down.

Then, there is the rudder to turn left and right through the yaw and the throttle for the speed of the aircraft.

You can purchase these parts separately. However, make sure that each part would be compatible with each other. It is also best to consider the materials of these parts. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend thousands on building your own RC aeroplane.

There are other important reminders when buying these parts. There isn’t much innovation with RC aeronautics compared to other fields like construction.