Top RC Construction Equipment

Top RC Construction Equipment - Top RC Construction Equipment

RC equipment is not just toys as most people would see them. Although that is a fair assumption of how they are made and what most people use them for. There are a lot of RC collectors out there looking to acquire a new addition to their collection.

New RC equipment is introduced regularly. Most of this equipment is based on construction equipment, vehicles, and tools. So, we highly suggest you start with construction equipment as well. To help you out, here are our top picks.

Fisca Remote Control Excavator RC Construction

Fisca RC Excavator is one of the greatest heavy equipment ever made and introduced to the market. This baby comes with 15 channel full function, sound, lights, and so much more. The product size is 17″x6.7″ x 11.4″ and it weighs 3.1 pounds.

There are bigger models compared to this one. However, this particular equipment is a pioneer and is one of the most well-designed RC equipment this generation.

According to product reviews, this RC equipment is purchased by several construction professionals for training and practice. One buyer said, “I had finished a heavy equipment class and I wanted to practice at home.”

It is also considered to be on top compared to other brands. Another review reads “This is a REAL EXCAVATOR. It has a separate bucket, boom, cantilever, individual track, and carriage function.”

Top Race 15 Channel Remote Control Crane: Professional Series

Top Race is the top competitor of Fisca when it comes to RC construction equipment. When it comes to the excavator, Fisca might be on top, but it is a different story for construction canes.

The Top Race RC Crane comes with 100 feet control distance, fully functional features, and long battery life.It is easy to control and is made of sturdy heavy plastic and metal.

Many people are purchasing this product to practice, however, there are also those buying it as gifts. Well, we can’t deny that this RC equipment can serve as gifts for children, teens, and even adults. Many of us dreamt of someday controlling a crane when we pass by a massive construction site.

Here is a review from a buyer who got it for his son. “This was a gift for my son… It is well built, strong, sturdy and has all the features to make it feel real.”

Out of dozens of RC construction equipment out there, these two are some of the most affordable products available. That is why we highly recommend them to interested buyers. To learn more about different RC equipment and products, contact us and make sure to subscribe to our blog.